Our goal at From Me To Yarn is to share the love of color and empower crafters everywhere to express themselves through fiber. 

We opened in July of 2019 and ship yarn all over the world! We offer ready to ship yarn, as well as a dyed to order option, so you can make sure you have matching skeins for your next project. 

We believe that crafters can help make the world a brighter, more inclusive and understanding version of itself, and we wanted to start our mission by offering our customers something that will make them feel special just for being their amazing selves. 

In addition to helping you create fabulous pieces of art, we will donate a portion of our profit with monthly donations (as of June 2020) to charities focusing on empowering communities all over the world, and we’d love to know about different organizations and causes you’re passionate about!

Learn more about the organizations we’ve donated to.

a skein of steady sock yarn in our 'fruit salad' colorway

Meet the Owner

Jessie, our CEO is smiling at the camera while holding a basket full of yarn

Jessie Frias

CEO & Yarn Dyer

Hello there! My name is Jessie, I’m the owner and the dyer behind From Me To Yarn. I’ve been crafty my whole life and  I never thought I’d own my own craft related business, but I am absolutely ecstatic!

My parents and I moved from Cuba to Brazil when I was only 2 years old. When I got older I ended up moving to Los Angeles where I met my husband, Jordan, who is very understanding: We have 2 cats, a tarantula, snakes, and geckos. Clearly, I’d love living in a zoo. Or a rainforest, since I also love having lots of plants around. #MonsteraMondays anyone? 

A crafter through and through I’ve always had a lot of projects going, either with sewing, knitting, crocheting, or whatever new craft I’d decided to try out.

One thing that has always drawn me to crafting is the ability to make something unique to you. Everyone has a different take and point of view on things and I think it’s amazing to see the things people are able to create. 

As soon as I started dyeing yarn I knew it was something I needed to do. Something clicked inside of me and I could never go back. Knowing this and that I’d never be able to use all of the yarn I’d be dyeing, I decided to share them with the world! Hopefully you like my take on things and if you do, there’s always going to be lots of beautiful yarn for you to take home to love and make something unique!

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