Organizations we've donated to

HACES – January 2021
The Loveland Foundation – February 2021
AAPI Community Fund – March 2021
Asian Mental Health Collective – April 2021
Abode Services – May 2021
Trevor Project – June 2021
NAACP Legal Defense and Education – July 2021

Trevor Project – for Q1 2020
Movement For Black Lives – for Q2 2020
The Loveland Foundation – July 2020
Trans Women of Color Collective – for August 2020
United We Dream – for September 2020
The Loveland Foundation – for October 2020
Native American Rights Fund – for November 2020
Multiple charities selected by Congresswoman AOC to help fight Food and Housing insecurity – for December 2020

RAICES – for Q3 2019
WIRES – for Q4 2019

How it works

We try to donate 5-10% of our profits to charities, and ideally we donate every month (since July 2020), but that doesn’t always happen. When we’re not able to make a donation that month we will make it later on, when we have more funds (or spoons). Our goal is to make at least 12 individual donations a year. 

We’re always looking for different organizations that might need support to donate to so if you have a recommendation please feel free to message me to share

If you’d like to see receipts feel free to get in touch with me, I haven’t been making these public but happy to share them with you if you’d like to see them.

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