Yarn Support

We love seeing projects made with our yarn!

For Pattern Designers

Are you a designer and would like to design using our yarn? That’s awesome! We love to work with creators. Please read the below requirements we have for collaborations to make sure we’re on the same page.

Our Collaboration Requirements:

  • If you’re designing a garment, is your pattern going to be size inclusive, i.e go up to at least a 64″ bust?
  • Will you include images of your plus size testers in the pattern page?
  • Will your pattern be made available in multiple platforms, or do you have your own site?
  • If you answered no to these previous questions, are you ok with us hosting your pattern as an alternative option?
  • Do you have testers using budget yarn, and are you going to offer substitution ideas in the pattern?

If you answered yes to the questions above, firstly I’d like to say: Thank you! You’re amazing! Next, I’d love to invite you to get in touch with me so we can chat about working together on this! You can use the form below or get in touch via email or Instagram, whatever you’d prefer.

If you’d like some more info on how we work with designers, here’s an example of how that might work:

How we collaborate with Designers:

After we chat and are on the same page about the design idea and what you need, we’ll provide you with the yarn to design your pattern with, if you also want to offer yarn support to a tester when you’re in that stage we’ll have a conversation with the tester to make sure they’re ok providing pictures or sending the finished project to us to photograph and then returned to them. We’ll need pictures sent to us for sharing and if there is any information you’d like us to include or hashtags etc, please share those with us as well. We’ll both post about the pattern, pattern launch etc. If you need/want us to host your pattern on our site, we’ll need a pattern copy to upload and pattern details and information to be included in the page. We’d also like to get 1 free pattern copy so make our own sample.

For Pattern Testers

We’re happy to provide yarn support for testers as well!

For this we need to get in touch with both the designer and the pattern tester, as we need to clarify some things with the designer regarding our requirements first.

The pattern does not need to be designed with our yarn, but we do require that the design meet the same requirements we have for patterns designed with our yarn:

• Size inclusive (go up to at least 64″)
• Available for purchase in alternative ways – not only through Ravelry
• Has a tester using budget yarn, or a sample made in a budget yarn
• Has budget yarn option also listed in the pattern

If you’re a tester, we’ll need pictures of the WIP and Finished Object, if you’re not able to provide those, we’d like to loan the finished object from you to take pictures and then have it returned to you. If you’re ok with either of those, awesome! Please let us know which of these options you’re ok with when getting in touch. Feel free to use the form below or get in touch via email or Instagram, whatever you’d prefer.

Yarn Support Contact Form

Feel free to use the below form to get in touch with us regarding yarn support for your new pattern design!

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